Saturday, 14 August 2010

Does your Doggie need some doggie biscuits?

We have been asked by the Hartz to have a giveaway for these biscuits and in return we got some biscuits for us. We think they are really good and we gobbled up a bunch of them. They are called Crunch'nClean and there are three different flavors in each box. They do feature a heartier, crunchier texture than regular biscuits which makes for nice chewing. Also they are supposed to be really good for our teeth.

">Jasmine here looking very anxious to get another one of those biscuits. They really are good. They also have some breath freshening crystals that contain chlorophyll and other ingredients to freshen your dog's breath. They also contain Sodium Hexametaphosphate, which is an ingredient that has been used for many decades and has been proven safe for your dogs. It is also used in human oral care products.

The biscuits come in a 26 ounce box and are a good size for any size dog. The cost in most places is $3.49 per box.

Anyway, to enter this giveaway just leave a comment for us, and we will write down the names of the people that want a free box and we will use that random picker to choose the winner. This giveaway will go until Wed. 8/18/2010.

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