Thursday, 28 February 2013

What is a gray and white cat??

Hi there Mister here. Mom googled my color which is gray and white and it doesn't look like I have an official name like the Tortie, Tuxedo and the Tabby and so on. So does anyone know if my color has a name??

I love to drink my water out of this bucket. It fills up with the rain off the roof so it is extra tasty. I am 14 years old but seem to be doing just fine.
We sure do hope everyone has a terrific Thursday

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Oh how I love my chicken.
Everyone have a really fun day.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tortie Tuesday

Hi there, Splitters here and I am one of three torties around here, so we have lots and lots of tortitude going on. We all like to be in charge so everyone makes a wide berth around us.
Hi there, Momma kitty here and I am Splitters and Gertrude's Mom and many of the others around here including Ohs, Tees and Bees. I still boss those boys around when they are not behaving. The Person actually touched me a tiny bit but I must have been not paying attention to let that happen. 
 Hi there, Missy here. I am the kitty that got left behind when the neighbors moved away. No one comes near me around here. I have them all trained now. But I am a sweet kitty too. I like to watch TV with the Person and my favorite thing is to sit in a sun puddle.
We sure wishing everyone a terrific Tuesday. 
We found out yesterday that our good friend Rose died and her three cats need a home so badly. Sparkle has a post about them with their pictureCats need a home desperately
Please pass the word around.  

Monday, 25 February 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi there Ohs here, and in this tub is where the catnip plant was last summer. Well there is still a few little tiny remains, so I love to rub on it.
I do wish the Person would move that pot so I can right to the catnip. I don't know why it is there anyway. I don't know if you see or not, but I got in another fight with that darn black and white cat and my jaw is pretty swollen. But I am eating and doing all right so far. Probably going to need some antibiotics.
We sure are wishing everyone a marvelous Monday.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Easy like Sunday

Hi there, Orange Boyzo here and I am feeling a lot better but still taking it easy. I have to tell you I do NOT like those ear drops or the pill I have to do every day. I am getting tougher and tougher to catch. And I sure don't hold still.
Hi There, Maggie and Little Bit here as usual, just taking it easy. It is our favorite thing to do. 
Good news, Mousie did find a home!!!
We sure hope all of you have a really nice easy day.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mousie needs a home quick

Hi there, Mousie here. I was part of the group of the cats that needs a home really quickly since our Person's landlord made her cut down on the number of cats living in the apartment. It is all too sad. They live in Grand Rapids, IA. so if you know anyone near that area, please contact them.

If you know anyone that might take Mousie, please contact brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) com immediately.And please share this wherever you can.

Isn't she just the cutest kitty. I would take her in a skinny minute but we are so full here. 
We just wanted to send tons of purrs and prayers to KC. We hope she can get better soon.

We so hope everyone has a terrific Saturday.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Formerly Feral

Hi there, Maggie here. Hold on Mom, I need to get my paws all clean before our photo shoot. I sure don't want anyone to see me with dirty paws. 
OK, I am ready now. See my nice clean paws. Sorry about the difference in my color. It really is me, Maggie. This is my natural color.
We also won an award yesterday. I don't know how illuminating we are. but the candle is pretty.
Our good friends over at Friends Forever gave it us and we are thrilled. They have such a good blog with their doggies and kitties.
We are supposed to pass it on, but we would love for any of you to take it if you would like to have it.
Hope everyone out there is having better weather than we are. It is pouring rain here.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wild Woman

Hi there, Mahoney here and I am on the wild side today.So I thought I would do the wild dance up here on the cat tree.
Can you see my wild eyes?? I am doing a spin and then who knows what will be next. 
Update on Orange Boy;
  We think he is finally a little better this morning. He finally ate something early this morning and isn't losing his balance as much so we have hopes that this improvement will continue. 
We sure hope every one has a really nice day.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Vet Trip

Here I am lounging in the bed in the Person's bedroom. I had to go to the vet today and was a very good boy. I was having trouble keeping my balance and wasn't eating very much.I also was tilting my head to the side and was having trouble running and mainly jumping up on things.If I shook my head, I would almost fall over.
 So all the other kitties in the house are furious because I have the bedroom for now. And the reason is that Mahoney and Two Two chase me and that is because I am not feeling well enough to tell them where to go.

I have a ear infection and had to have a bunch of shots and I have to have ear drops twice a day. Good luck on that happening. If I am not better by Friday, they have to do some more things to my ear and see if I have polyps and that would not be good.

The Person wants to tell you how much she loves our special vet. They were backed up, so he came out and just took me to the back so she wouldn't have to wait hours. And they examined me, gave me my shots and brought me back to the Mom.

Little Bit and Mahoney here at the top of our tree. We are totally undone about the closed door to the bedroom. How does the Person think we are going to survive without going in there tonight?? If only we could find a home for Baby Doll, then we would have a room for the sick.
We sure hope everyone has a fun and safe day.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tuxedo Tuesday

Hi there Two Two here, just in case you couldn't tell who I was. I just wanted everyone to know that I am continuing my yoga and exercises. This is my arm and paw stretch. I can see you Mom, watching me.
Now I am doing the 'push the paw' up the chair exercise. I am doing my left leg now and will do the right one really soon. Then I must do my hind legs. Then it will be time for a huge nap.
A good friend, Robyn, is having some huge vet bills for three of her cats. She is known on Twitter as George the Duck and typist. They are having a huge party for her tonight on Twitter. To find out more about all this, go to George the Duck and Typist  over at Mario's Blog.
We sure hope everyone has a really really nice day.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi there Spitters here. I am ready to play. Do I have any takers?? I am excited since I get to be the Mancat this week so I am ready to get going.
The Person told me I had to smile at all those kitties out there in Blogger land so I am doing my best. At least I am smiling with my eyes. But that jut might be because the sun is in my eyes and it does feel good. 
We want to thank our friend Ann over at Ann's Snap Edit Crap
for doing an interview about us. Ann does all kinds of great hand crafts. 
Hope everyone has a super duper Monday.  

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Easy like Sunday

Hi there, Little Bit here and I am having a great snooze here so please don't disturb me.
Hi there, Gertrude here and if you are going to bug me, speak to the paw.
We hope all of you have a really nice and easy day.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Stacked kitties

Hi there Khaki  up on top and Mahoney down below. That Mahoney has gotten very bossy and doesn't like it when us outside kitties come in for a visit. Can you tell that I am not pleased that Khaki is on our cat tree. He has his own trees outside. Khaki here, but Mahoney, it is cold out there. We just like to come in so we  can get warm.
So what is he doing now?? He had better be behaving himself or else I will have to give him a swat.  This is such a big job keeping track of all these cats. 
Our really good friends, Hilary and Marc  got themselves such a cute little kitten. Isn't she just the cutest little kitty. Go pay them a visit.
Don't forget the circus is still going on today.THE CIRCUS

Friday, 15 February 2013

MewMew and the Circus

Hi there, Mew Mew here and I am enjoying the little bit of sunshine that we have at the moment.

Uh Oh, there is something over there in the woods. I had better go see what it is. Everyone be sure to pay the circus a visit. There are so many fun things to do.

Go here to see the circus
Check out the side bar and you will see all the activities there. 
So go have yourselves a great time

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

 Tees here staring down on Lucy wanted to wish his best girl Lucy over at Hannah and Lucy way across the pond a very Happy Valentines day.  Lucy, you are such a pretty girl and I sure do love you best of all. You are my gal. 
Mahoney here wishing everyone a special and good Valentines day. We hope all of you get lots of extra good treats.
Hi there Two Two here and I sure wanted to wish all of you a very Happy and Fun Valentine's day.
We also want to thank our good friend Mr. Puddy  for our graphic of Tees and Lucy and we also want to thank our Friend Ann over at Pawsitively Pets  for doing our Mahoney and Two Two valentines. 


We sure wish all of you a fun and loving Valentine's day.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wordless Wednesday

 Don't forget the Circus coming to town on Friday, Feb.15th. There are so many things you can do.

ADMISSION TICKETS (fundraising for Sallie and Turien 
and Marg's Animals) are now
on sale at the circus blog ... get yours today, or donate thru February 22.
Tickets to enter the Big Top are $1.00 (each view or attempt), 
or 10 for $9.00.
Inline image 1
Note: Use the CHIP-IN (good world-wide for donations), 
and all funds raised will be distributed after the Circus Tents 
are all packed up and on their way.

Here's all the fun you'll find under the Big Top!
Remember, just $1.00 for each, or 10 for $9.00

 There are two (2) Comment-A-Thon Baskets ...
Pip's Basket will go to the blogger who leaves the MOST comments on
the Kissing Booth.  The Circus Basket will go to that blogger who leaves
the MOST comments overall during the two-days under the Big Top.

And the Ringmaster wants to callInline image 2your attention to all 
the SIDE SHOW Events ~
FREE to view and enjoy at these blogs!  Don't miss them!
FUReak Show, by Sheldon and Beachnut
Carnival Foods,by Chef Sasha
Carnival Rides, by Sallie
Clowns, by Turien
OUTDOOR Stuffie Taming, by Benny and Lily
INDOOR Tent Stuffie Taming, by Frankie and Ernie

NOW ~ Attention All ~ PLEASE Inline image 3ROARROAR!
Spread the word!  Post any or all of this 
(feel free to copy and paste) to your own blog.
ROAR on Facebook.  ROAR on Twitter.  ROAR to your email friends.
It's all in good fun ~ all for a good cause (well, 3 of them actually).
Attached is an image to promote the Blogville Circus,
feel free to use it.  And a few other images anyone 
can use.  Thank You all.

Questions? Email them to:

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tabby Tuesday

Hi there Baby Doll here on my comfy bed. I was a really sick chick this past week end but I am much better now. I had the throw ups big time. The Person squirted some icky stuff down my throat and I was pretty good about it and it did work.

So all of you got to see me. Isn't that fun. If anyone should happen to fall in love with me, I sure would like to find another home. It is fine here but I have to stay in this room by myself since I do not like other cats very much. I don't fight but I get very nervous.

Today is our cute doggie's friend Bailey's  birthday. So we just wanted to wish him a very Happy Day. 
We sure hope all kitties and doggies have a great day

Monday, 11 February 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi there, Tees here looking all handsome. And that is my brother behind me. We are patiently waiting for the Person to give us some much needed food.
Hi there, Ohs here and I am drinking out of this little place on the cart that is a roof over one of our shelters. I am just like my brother Tees and like the rain water to drink. I am doing really well except there was one really scary moment for my Mom about 5 days ago. That darn Black and White Tom cat came around here and the two of us got into a huge fight and all Mom could think about was that I had just gotten better. So she got a big stick and chased him off. She wishes she could catch him but every time he comes, he fights with someone. But I didn't get hurt at all, thank COD.
There is a gal in Cedar Rapids, IA that is having to cut down to two cats by Feb. 15th, so please contact anyone you know in that area to help her. Here is the link to read more about it.Kitties that need a home right now. 
Hope everyone has a great Monday and  a great week too.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Easy like Sunday

Hi there, Ande here in the middle and Mom could you please do something about these two. This is my bed. But it is kind of nice to have someone to snuggle with and Lucky on my right, and Orange Boyzo on my left are sure good snugglers.
Ok, guess I just need to chill and take a nap. We all know how to do the Easy.
All of us wish all of you a super Sunday.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday car ride.

Hi there, Gertrude here and I am just making sure there isn't anyone around to attack our car. I am trying to get the Person to let me take the car out for a drive. She can go with me if she wants to do that. I really need to go visit some blogging friends.We really want to go see Truffles and Brulee and also all those kitties up in the mountains, the wild cat woods cats  and we can't forget our friend over in Greenville, Brian and his sisters, so lets get going.
I am telling you Mom, we need to get going. Lots of kitties to go visit. I can't wait to meet all of them.
We sure hope everyone has a most wonderful Saturday.