Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tortie Tuesday

Hi there, Splitters here and I am one of three torties around here, so we have lots and lots of tortitude going on. We all like to be in charge so everyone makes a wide berth around us.
Hi there, Momma kitty here and I am Splitters and Gertrude's Mom and many of the others around here including Ohs, Tees and Bees. I still boss those boys around when they are not behaving. The Person actually touched me a tiny bit but I must have been not paying attention to let that happen. 
 Hi there, Missy here. I am the kitty that got left behind when the neighbors moved away. No one comes near me around here. I have them all trained now. But I am a sweet kitty too. I like to watch TV with the Person and my favorite thing is to sit in a sun puddle.
We sure wishing everyone a terrific Tuesday. 
We found out yesterday that our good friend Rose died and her three cats need a home so badly. Sparkle has a post about them with their pictureCats need a home desperately
Please pass the word around.  

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