Sunday, 16 September 2007

Another story of one of my Pets

At one time in my life, I had an excellent horse business going with all kinds of students and boarders. So one day, I decided that I needed to get another dog into my life, and the owner of the property, said that a dog had had puppies under his hay barn and that I could have the puppies. So over we went to look and they were all wild but we were able to catch them . The property owner somehow caught the momma dog too and threw her into the back of my pick up truck.
Well we got the puppies pretty tame, and some of the boarders took some of them, and I kept the momma dog. It took a very long time, but I was able to finally pat her and then she got to the place, that when I did pat her she would race around in circles, she was so happy. We became huge buddies and she would go everywhere I went on the horses, but she would not ride in the car, and would barely come in the house.
Then, I had to move to a place very far away. And I felt that Momma Dog, first wouldn't be happy moving, and second, would have a hard time with the long trip in the car. So I gave her to some really good friends of mine, that Momma Dog liked a lot. They took her home and I moved to the new place.
Well, after I left, Momma Dog disappeared from my friends house and other friends said that they had seen her along some of the highways but couldn't catch her. Well in about two weeks, she showed up at the old barn where we all lived together. That silly dog had found her way all the way back home.
So of course, I immediately went and got her. Boy, that was a super reunion. She was a happy dog to see me. And she got into the car and made the trip all the way without moving a muscle and it was a good 12 hour drive. And then she could go on all my rides with me.
So that is part of the story of Momma Dog. There is more, but another time.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

A story about one of my pets

I have 17 animals living here with me and this kitty cat is the youngest one I have at the moment. She came into my life when I was having chemotherapy. I was sitting on my bed one night, thinking how much fun it would be to have a tiny kitten. And how much it would cheer me up.
Well, darned if the next day, when I went out to my horse barn, a tiny little kitten went racing past me just meowing like crazy. I followed it and it stopped at a building just the other side of my chain link fence. This kitten was so tiny and skinny, it could go through the chain link fence.
So I went over to where she was, and starting meowing back at her so she would think I was another cat and maybe stay put. And she did mewmew back at me and the two of us had a wonderful conversation. We talked for about 10 minutes and then I went to the house and got her some food. She was a wild thing, very scared of me, but very hungry, so I had to leave the food and go a ways away from her so she would eat. And she did come eat.
She stayed and her name is MewMew. It took a couple of months for me to get anywhere close to her but finally she let me pat her and scratch her, and she decided that was pretty much fun.
She also was a percocious little thing. She moved right in under the house with all my other cats. I guess they put up with her, cause she was so young. Eventually, they got so they really liked her a lot. They all play now and have a grand time.
She also comes in the house all the time and has turned out to be a wonderful cat. It was a miracle for both of us. She got a great new home, and I got a new friend.