Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Two Two is always losing her tail!!!
There it is!!!
Everyone, please have a wonderful Wednesday.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tabby Tuesday

Hi there Mahoney here. Now why is that Person taking pictures of my pink pads? I am so embarrassed, I just couldn't look. 
And here I am crossing my paws for all of those that are sick, especially that Abby of Manx News. Abby is having a hard time and needs some extra purrs.
We sure hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi there, Bees here. I just wanted to check in with all of you since you were so kind to send purrs etc and let you know that I am doing much better. I am feeling a lot better but I am still a little wobbly and may be that way for a very long time. But the good news is that I am getting used to being inside with the exception of missing my brothers, Tees and Ohs.
But the person doesn't want to bring Tees or Ohs in since it will probably freak them out. I am trying to make friends with some of these cats that are in here already. I think Little Bit is very pretty but for some reason she hasn't taken to me yet. I stay in my bathroom all day and come out in the rest of the house at night and roam around and do a lot of talking. If I shake my head too much, I do fall down but that doesn't happen often. So now I am just a special needs cat. Nothing wrong with that.
Have yourselves a great day.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Easy Like Sunday

Hi there, Splitters here and I am having the most wonderful Easy that one can have. I am very comfy.
Hi there, Gertrude here and I am Splitters sister and I too know exactly how to take it easy. I love a really good nap.

We were very excited to win this nice award from The cat on my Head . We were thrilled that we were chosen to get an award. 
Have a super Easy Sunday.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tiny Box Saturday

Hi there Mahoney here in this tiny box. The Person just knew we would try to get into it.
And guess who is trying to get in on the act. And that would be Two Two. But I held on to my box. She will just have to wait her turn.
Maggie here, and I took a turn in the tiny box too. I am crossing my paws for any doggie or kitty is not feeling well right now in hopes that they feel better soon and for our Donkey Smoke.
Have a super Saturday

Friday, 26 July 2013

Flashback Friday

Hi there, Maggie here and I am Mahoney's mom. This is just a couple of days after that Person trapped me and brought me home. I was a wild lady and would hiss and spit at that Person. 
Hi there Maggie here. Bet we don't look like the same cat but we are. I have come such a long ways.And I am so glad to be an inside cat. I don't ever even think about going out side.
Here I am playing with my daughter, Mahoney when she was still a kid. Mahoney was the only kitten that the person could rescue and darned if we didn't remember each other after being apart for almost a month.That is me, Maggie on the far side. 
UPDATE on BG.  She finally ate a little bit this morning. Whoooo Hooooo. 
Have a most fabulous Friday.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

BG on Thursday

Hi there BG here and I am having a good time rolling around in the dirt. I have gotten myself a little sick which seems to be the theme around here. We like to keep the Person on her toes at all times. Anyway I stopped eating and had to go to the vet yesterday to see what is wrong with me and they couldn't find anything in particular so they gave me some fluids and some steroids. I hadn't eaten in about three days. 
I have started to eat a little tiny bit. I would really like to go outside but the Person says I cannot go out until I eat more food. 
Have a terrific Thursday

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Some words Wednesday

Hi there, Smoke here. We thought we would catch you up on the donkeys. I am the donkey that has the very sore feet right now. So we both have to stay in jail. My feet don't seem to be showing any improvement as hard as the Person has been trying. She gives me three different kinds of medicine a day, she ices my feet and we have just ordered some special stuff to pack my feet to help take the inflamation away. So maybe some purrs would work. Who knows. 
This was taken a long time ago and just shows our silly Joe. You know how it is, we love to make people smile.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tabby TuesdaY

Hi there, Mahoney here in my cozy box. Mom has a new chair and she put this box in the chair to keep us out of the chair. I mean, really, this new chair needs to match the rest of the wrecks around here, doesn't it?? So I just pushed the box off and got right into it.
This really is a good spot to have a nap and I am a little bit hidden. With the flaps on the box still there, it really is a nice soft bed. Very comfy.
And here I am in the new chair. Don't I just look like Queen Mahoney.
Have yourselves one terrific Tuesday.

Monday, 22 July 2013

3 Mancat Monday

Hi there, Mister here, and I am the last animal that moved up here with the Person when she moved from Charleston to Anderson. So I guess I am the oldest geiser around here. I am still doing fairly well even though I am getting up in the years. 
Hi there, Lucky here and Mister and I hang out together all the time. We have the same color furs and we are both senior cats so we spend most of our life napping and eating. Nothing wrong with those activities. I just wandered in one day all neutered etc. so our guess is someone left me.
Hi there, Black here and here I am looking all handsome. I do enjoy hanging out inside but like the outdoors too. I am Spitters, Khaki and Tabatha's brother. We were found under the hood of a car at the wee age of about 4 weeks. The Person took us in because the peep that found us said they would pay for our food and to be spayed and neutered.
There is a very nice new blog that was just started. Take a look. Purr Therapy Blog
Have a most marvelous Monday.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Easy like Sunday

Hi there, Maggie here and just what was it that you wanted??? I am so trying to have a nap.
Hello, Little Bit here and Maggie and I are pretty good friends. We also love to take it easy together on Sundays.
We sure hope all of you have an easy Sunday

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Saturday Group

Here is part of our large group.  The Person goes outside when it isn't too hot and sits in her swing and so a lot of us come join her.. Ande of course in the middle, Lucky here right beside Ande and Ohs wondering what is going on over there and Khaki having a snack. BG , here on the swing with the purrson so you can't see me.

Khaki, is now taking a baff after his snack. 
Happy Weed End to all.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Formerly Feral Friday

Hi there, Tees here. I had my mom so worried, I went off for over a week and I just came home all skinny and as you can see, very very hungry. I was scarfing down the food. I am so glad to be home. 
Here I am on the left and Splitters in the middle and Orange Boyzo on the right. It was so nice of them to join me for a nice breakfast.
Guess I had better take a little breath between mouth fulls. It is so good  to have food. I don't understand why I go off for so long. 

Update on Tees, he is staying home at the moment. I wish I could bring him into the house to keep Bees company. But we know he wouldn't like that.
Everyone have a very Happy Day

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Thankful Thursday, our Comedian

Hi there, Two Two here, and everyone loves me since I am so very funny. I keep everyone laughing around here and my Person just loves to laugh . So we are so thankful that Two Two found us.
Now, don't I make you smile?? I thought so.
Have yourselves a most purrfect day.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Joe here, See I can take a nap just like the kitties do.
Joe here again, and we sure hope you have a really fun day.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tabby Tuesday

We had a very nice visit from Mom Paula, Truffles and Brulee's Mom, who surprised us. Our socialite, Maggie, made friends with Mom Paula. The Person was using Paula's camera, so the picture didn't come out the greatest. But most of the kitties came out to visit. Mahoney was in and out but Mahoney does NOT cuddle. It was a fun visit. 
Hi there, Maggie on the left and Mahoney here on the right. Maggie is telling me(Mahoney) that the fuzzy thing there is all hers and I am not to touch it. Who does she think she is, my mother or something??
Have yourself a really fun day.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi  there Bees here. The Person thinks I am doing a little better. But now we have a new project and that is getting me to get used to being in the rest of the house instead of just the bathroom. I am still a little wobbly so she doesn't want me to go outside. And as a matter of fact, she would just plain like me to stay inside. Maybe I will get used to it.
She opens the door and shuts the two bad girls (Mahoney and Two Two) up in her bedroom and I just run and hide behind my carrier. That world out there looks way too scary to me. So I haven't come out yet. I am not at all interested in toys but she hasn't tried a lot of them on me. I have yet to meet DaBird but that is because my focus still isn't very good. 
Anyway, thanks so much for all the purrs and prayers. We all know that they sure did work. It may be awhile still but that is all right.
Have yourselves on fantastic day.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Easy Like Sunday, Tribute to Thunder

Hi there, Mahoney here with my friend Ande. I love to snuggle with my doggie friend.
Hi Mom, could you please just go away. We are having such a good Easy.
Have yourselves a nice easy day.
We did not know that there was a tribute going on for Thunder today but we sure want to join in. He was such a good boy and we miss him a lot and know that all of his family misses him a lot. We know you are running free now Thunder. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Saturday fun

Those such nice kitties, Laila and Minchie  sent us some really fun toys which were lots and lots of pipe cleaners and some big fevvers. Well look what the Person did to Two Two. She made her wear the pipe cleaner. Bet you can guess what Two Two did with that.  You are so correct. She took it right off and was naked again.
Hi there, Black here, and I loved all the toys. As you can see I have two pipe cleaners and one fevver. Good COD, it was just so much fun. Thanks so much Laila and Minchie
Can you tell that I am having a good time.??
Have yourselves one great weekend.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Flashback Friday

Hi there, Khaki here sitting up on the top of a stall in the barn looking just cute and handsome if that is possible.
Khaki here trying to teach that little kitten Mahoney that she is NOT to steal my food. Just look at her. I am being very gentle but she had better move on soon. She is a little sneak. 
Here I am present day lounging on the trunk in the barn. Four of us have moved into this barn since the donkeys are not allowed out for the moment. It is really nice. We can get out of the rain and have our own little spots. 
Wishing everyone a fantastic Friday.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tortie Thursday

Hi there, Splitters here. This is where I sometimes have some snacks when I am outside. I just wanted to come to see all of you in case you missed me. I am doing pretty well.
Here I am sitting on my Mom's lap while she does the blogging. I do love to share the chair with her and I an small enough to fit. Course she has to sit way over on the edge and I sure hope she doesn't fall off.  I am not giving you a raspberry, but I think my mouth feels funny after having the toofies pulled.
And then here I am in the little cat tree. I just wanted to give it a try for the fun of it.
Have a terrific Thursday.
Bees is still wobbly and not happy about being in at night.
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