Monday, 22 July 2013

3 Mancat Monday

Hi there, Mister here, and I am the last animal that moved up here with the Person when she moved from Charleston to Anderson. So I guess I am the oldest geiser around here. I am still doing fairly well even though I am getting up in the years. 
Hi there, Lucky here and Mister and I hang out together all the time. We have the same color furs and we are both senior cats so we spend most of our life napping and eating. Nothing wrong with those activities. I just wandered in one day all neutered etc. so our guess is someone left me.
Hi there, Black here and here I am looking all handsome. I do enjoy hanging out inside but like the outdoors too. I am Spitters, Khaki and Tabatha's brother. We were found under the hood of a car at the wee age of about 4 weeks. The Person took us in because the peep that found us said they would pay for our food and to be spayed and neutered.
There is a very nice new blog that was just started. Take a look. Purr Therapy Blog
Have a most marvelous Monday.

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