Friday, 5 July 2013

Formerly Feral Adventure

 Hi there, Little Bit here. I am a formerly feral kitty and I had quite an adventure the other day and put some more gray hairs on the Person's head.  But it was her fault. Our back door doesn't always shut tight and she came in the back door and went out the front door to go give the donkeys a snack.
Well, the door didn't shut and guess what. I went outside. Oh it was so much fun. I rolled around in the dirt one hundred times and ate some grass. But I also hid for a little while and the Person was frantically calling and calling and calling. She finally came out and there I was just sitting there. But no way was she going to pick me up and take me in.
So Plan B was to leave the door open and hopefully I would come back inside. So that meant she had to shut up all the other cats that were inside so they wouldn't go outside.The last one to be caught was Maggie and she could tell that the Person was a little nervous, so she went stiff in the Person's hands and that made the person laugh like crazy. And with that I came flying in the door. So all was well and believe me, she makes sure that door is shut now.
Have a most wonderful day.

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