Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mr. Bees Tuesday

Hi there. Mr. Bees here. I just wanted to explain a little bit more what is going on. I came home last Friday morning and felt like I was drunk. I wobbled and fell over a couple of times. So the Person picked me up and whisked me into the house. I would have none of that and raced right back out the door.
This is an older picture of me. I sure couldn't have stood up there right now. So the Person decided to see how I did for a day or two before trying to take me to the vet. She thought I was getting better but what was happening, I was learning how to deal with my situation. So the Person got really brave and put me in that horrible little cage and off we went. I was so scared but I was a good boy. The vet thinks I have vestibular disease. They stuck me twice with something sharp and then we came home and that darn person now has me shut up in a little room. She is not exactly sure what we are going to do now. The vet said that I might get better but chances are, I will not. So our Person is going to try to treat me like a special needs cat rather then send me to the bridge.
So, I sure would like it if you would keep your paws crossed for me. 
Have a most terrific Tuesday.

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