Monday, 8 July 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi there, Tees here and I get to be this week's Mancat. Also I like to get on here just to say hello to my Lucy.
And that is exactly what I am doing is saying 'Hi Lucy'. Hope you are doing all right. I just think you are so very pretty.
Here  I am jumping down from up in my bed which is up on top of these boards. I have been hanging out in the barn since the donkeys don't come in here any more. They are over there in the other barn. 
My brother Bees is very sick and has to go to the vet this morning. He seems to have the wobbles or looks like vertigo to the person. He loses his balance very easily. Don't know if the vet can help him or not. So he would love to have some purrs and prayers. 
Have a marvelous Monday.
We are home from the vet and they think he Might have vestibular disease and is on steroids and has to stay inside. He may never get over this so it all depends on how he adjusts to being inside.

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