Monday, 15 July 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi  there Bees here. The Person thinks I am doing a little better. But now we have a new project and that is getting me to get used to being in the rest of the house instead of just the bathroom. I am still a little wobbly so she doesn't want me to go outside. And as a matter of fact, she would just plain like me to stay inside. Maybe I will get used to it.
She opens the door and shuts the two bad girls (Mahoney and Two Two) up in her bedroom and I just run and hide behind my carrier. That world out there looks way too scary to me. So I haven't come out yet. I am not at all interested in toys but she hasn't tried a lot of them on me. I have yet to meet DaBird but that is because my focus still isn't very good. 
Anyway, thanks so much for all the purrs and prayers. We all know that they sure did work. It may be awhile still but that is all right.
Have yourselves on fantastic day.

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