Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tuxedo Tuesday

Hi there Two Two here, just in case you couldn't tell who I was. I just wanted everyone to know that I am continuing my yoga and exercises. This is my arm and paw stretch. I can see you Mom, watching me.
Now I am doing the 'push the paw' up the chair exercise. I am doing my left leg now and will do the right one really soon. Then I must do my hind legs. Then it will be time for a huge nap.
A good friend, Robyn, is having some huge vet bills for three of her cats. She is known on Twitter as George the Duck and typist. They are having a huge party for her tonight on Twitter. To find out more about all this, go to George the Duck and Typist  over at Mario's Blog.
We sure hope everyone has a really really nice day.

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