Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tabby Thursday

Hi there, Mahoney here and I was feeling really puny yesterday. Tossing up stuff and some nice diarrhea. I don't feel like eating either. This is happening to me a lot so the Person is very worried about me. We think I must have some digestion problems so we are getting some grain free canned food and see if that works. She was cooking chicken for me and mixing it in with a little bit of fancy feast and I did all right on that for a while. 
Also a friend of the Mom's told her about a web site where the lady cooks for her dogs and cats, all natural stuff. So we are going to study that today. I feel a little bit better this morning. We know that cats throw up  a lot, but I spend the entire day throwing up and this not good.
So we will keep you updated.
Again, we are asking for tons of purrs for our good friend Eric. They do have an update on their blog today so Eric too, has to eat different foods. Please go visit him and his brother Flynn. Eric and Flynn********************************************
Hope everyone has a really good day today.

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