Friday, 22 February 2013

Formerly Feral

Hi there, Maggie here. Hold on Mom, I need to get my paws all clean before our photo shoot. I sure don't want anyone to see me with dirty paws. 
OK, I am ready now. See my nice clean paws. Sorry about the difference in my color. It really is me, Maggie. This is my natural color.
We also won an award yesterday. I don't know how illuminating we are. but the candle is pretty.
Our good friends over at Friends Forever gave it us and we are thrilled. They have such a good blog with their doggies and kitties.
We are supposed to pass it on, but we would love for any of you to take it if you would like to have it.
Hope everyone out there is having better weather than we are. It is pouring rain here.

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