Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Vet Trip

Here I am lounging in the bed in the Person's bedroom. I had to go to the vet today and was a very good boy. I was having trouble keeping my balance and wasn't eating very much.I also was tilting my head to the side and was having trouble running and mainly jumping up on things.If I shook my head, I would almost fall over.
 So all the other kitties in the house are furious because I have the bedroom for now. And the reason is that Mahoney and Two Two chase me and that is because I am not feeling well enough to tell them where to go.

I have a ear infection and had to have a bunch of shots and I have to have ear drops twice a day. Good luck on that happening. If I am not better by Friday, they have to do some more things to my ear and see if I have polyps and that would not be good.

The Person wants to tell you how much she loves our special vet. They were backed up, so he came out and just took me to the back so she wouldn't have to wait hours. And they examined me, gave me my shots and brought me back to the Mom.

Little Bit and Mahoney here at the top of our tree. We are totally undone about the closed door to the bedroom. How does the Person think we are going to survive without going in there tonight?? If only we could find a home for Baby Doll, then we would have a room for the sick.
We sure hope everyone has a fun and safe day.

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