Thursday, 1 August 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hi there, Mr Gunsmoke here, otherwise known as Smoke just wanted to announce some good news. My feet or I should say hooves are feeling a little better.  I am no where near better since the walls of my hooves are disintegrating which is not good but the Person thinks that all the medicine that I am getting is beginning to work.  So we sure do thank you so much for all the wonderful purrs and prayers. Even though I am not a cat.
Now if that silly Person could just move along, we could finish our din din which by the way is just delicious. See those nice shavings on the floor, they really help my sore hooves. They are so nice and soft. And there is my buddy, Joe over there having his din din too. We sure do thank everyone again for the wonderful purrs etc.
Have a fantastic Thursday.

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