Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Our Poor Ande.

Ande had to spend the morning at the vets and just look what happened to her. Poor doggie. They had to shave all her hair off of her little fanny and all of her tail. She has terrible allergies and has very fine hair so it gets all matted. And so this matted hair caused her to get an UTI.  She had to have lots of shots,and has to be on antibiotics. We just hope she isn't too embarrassed. And we hope she feels better really soon.
This is the only picture the Person could find that kind of shows her tail. See all that white hair near her hind leg, that is her pretty tail. All gone now. As you can tell, the kitties just love Ande. That is Ohs cuddling up to her.
We are wishing everyone a very fun and happy day.

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