Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hello everyone, Here we are having a meeting. We are very thankful for our kitty and doggie friends. We are Mister on left having a chat with Tees  and that is Ohs of course doing our tail deal. And Ande is President of animals and so she conducts the meetings. We sure hope this meeting is about more fuds. 
Oh thank COD, the food finally arrived. We are so thankful that our Person makes sure that we have lots of food which is also because we have so many blogger friends that help us buy the food. We are sorry that our grass is so tall and we have lots of little yellow flowers too. Our lawnmower went to the bridge. RIP Lawnmower. 
We are wishing all you kitties and doggies and peeps a really wonderful day.

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