Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tabby Tuesday

Hi there Mew Mew here and my main job around here is just to look pretty. Also I am always here for the Mom when she gets upset over something. When she had to send our pony Itsy Bitsy to the bridge a couple of years ago, I sat with her for hours. I also run and greet her every time she comes back from town and it makes her smile big time. I always check out the car and make sure she got all the correct groceries.
Hi there, Mahoney here. My job around here is to learn how to use that funny looking thing right there with all those buttons. Might be fun just to walk back and forth over the buttons and see what happens. I bet the Mom would say some norty words though and that hurts my tender ears.
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Now, we really want all of you to have a fun day. 

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