Saturday, 22 December 2012

Two kitties need home badly

Hi there MooMoos here and I am a lady cat that is 4 years old. I live here with my brother and our people have lost their home and have no where to keep us. You can read our whole story and where to contact our people at the link below our pictures. We live in Wisconsin, so please pass the word around 
Hi there, my name is Big Boy and I am MooMoos brother. I am 4 years old too. Be sure to check out the link below.
Blog about two cats that are desperate for a home.
 All the contact information is at that link if you should know anyone that might be interested in the two cats. 

Hi there Little Bit. Now who in the world is this. I didn't say that I wanted to share my place here. You look just like a donkey. Don't you belong out there in the barn?? Guess you were cold.

We sure hope everyone is behaving themselves so Santa comes to your house. Have a great day.

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