Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Book review, Purrs of Wisdom

 This book is a collection of great lessons that Ingrid King learned from living with her cats and I can so relate to that. Cats are just the best teachers as far as how to deal with life and that is how Ingrid writes this book. 
Our good friend Ingrid King wrote another book call Buckley's story which I thoroughly enjoyed. So I was very  excited when she wrote her second book and couldn't wait to read it and I was not disappointed at all. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This book is a collection of great lessons that Ingrid has learned in the trip through life. One thing that is very evident in the book is her love for cats so she is definitely a cat person. Every chapter ends with how the cats helped her through different situations. 

This would make a super present for anyone that likes cats. Two Two here, and I just want to know why this cat is staring at me. This looks like a good book, Mom. That is a pretty cat for sure.

I highly recommend this book as a great read. 

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