Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fundraiser for Sandy Animals

Our really good friends Mayzie, Brudder Ranger and Smudge and Sister Abby are having a wonderful fund raiser for all the pets affected by the horrible storm, Sandy.  And the better news is that if you can donate a little bit of money, you will get put in a drawing for a huge bag of swag. There is one for cats and one for dogs. Can't get any better than that.

So, if you can possible make a donation, go to Fundraiser for Sandy animals.  The money will be split between three shelters  in the area and they are:
Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City
Posh Pets Rescue in New York City
You can read some more about this fundraiser and the Swag bags here Mayzie's Blog .
Maggie says to please check out this fundraiser and please pass the word around. Those animals all need some help for sure.

Also, please check out cats and dogs that need homes at our good friend, Brian's site  Forever Homes.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day. 

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