Friday, 30 November 2012

Feral Cat Friday

Hi there Tees here and I am having such a good roll in the dirt. I am just getting dirt all over me and that feels so good. Hi there Lucy, sorry I am so covered in good ole dirt.  Don't forget that feral kitties can make great friends and good friends too. 
Now if I could just get that camera turned off, I would much happier. I will just cover my eyes and then roll some more in this great dirt. 
OK, folks, the Auction will be over tomorrow, Saturday night, so get your bids in.AUCTION
A new friend of ours, whose name is Otis, had to have a serious operation on his hip and needs a little help. Here is a link that tells all about it 

They also have a great blog that is very very funny.  It is here.

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