Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tortie Thursday

Hi there Splitters here. And as you can see I am a tortie colored kitty. There are four of us living here that are torties including our sister Gertrude who is a calico but considered a Tortie. Our friend over at the Conscious cat,  was discussing the personalities of the different colors of cats. And the four of us that live here do have that Tortie attitude. We are very nervous, but very loving too. Now some of that might be that our Mom was and still is a feral cat. Both Splitters and Gertrude love to have attention. And we are also very bossy with the other cats around here.

Hi there Momma kitty here, and I am Splitter's Momma. Guess you can see the resemblance of the two of us. I am a feral kitty but I am getting tamer by the day. It has only taken 3 years to let the Mom touch me. But I do show some affection to our Person just by following her around. Needless to say I am nervous which is partly due to being feral but also I have the tortitude too.

Hi there, my name is Missy. I am very tame but also have the tortitude. I am very very bossy with the other cats. And when I want my food, I want it right now. I just stand either in front of the Person or get between her feet until she gets me something to eat. Oh and my the way, I did not do this to the hamper. Those little kittens that lived in here did it.

My name is Gertrude and I am Splitter's sister and Momma kitty's daughter. They consider me a Tortie cat too. I am a nervous kitty, but I love sleeping with my mom every night. But I just have to go outside to get rid of all my energy. I am very afraid of other cats.

So, our person thinks that color does have some influence on our personalities. We will do some of the other colors around here too.
What do you think about color and personality??

Everyone try to have some fun today.

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