Friday, 23 November 2012

Formerly Feral Friday

Hi there, Mahoney just popping up to come see all of you. I do love my tunnels. I was captured young enough, so I am not really a feral kitty. Maggie, my Mom didn't have time to teach me to be afraid. So if kittens get caught soon enough , they will be adoptable, but that Person would never adopt me to someone. She couldn't possibly survive without me.
Hi there, Maggie here. I am a feral kitty. I am pretty darn tame but if the Person moves too fast around me, I get really nervous. But I usually forgive her pretty darn quick. I do love to cuddle and also love to play with the toys.
This is our Christmas cactus. It must know that Thanksgiving is over. We sure hope everyone had a good day yesterday.
Don't forget to check out the auction. There are some neat new items on there. Auction

Sure hoping everyone has a great day. Are you out shopping today?Not us.

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