Sunday, 18 November 2012

Easy like Sunday

   First we so want to thank our friend Ann over at Zoolatry  for our great new header. She surprised us and what a great surprise it was. We just couldn't wait to put it up and we will just celebrate Christmas a little longer.

Hi there, Little Bit here on the left, and here I am, Mahoney in the middle, and here I am Maggie in front. That sneaky Mahoney got the middle position so she is nice and warm. The Person calls us the Three Muskateers. 
We do enjoy snuggling together. Please excuse the dirty chair. Too many animals have sat in this chair. 

We have some very sad news. Bernie, the rabbit over at Whisppy is going to have to go to the bridge on Monday Morning. He has a lump near his mouth and eye. He has also had one of his hind legs amputated. So please go leave some nice purrs for the Mom and Bernie.  Whisppy

We sure are wishing everyone a super Sunday.

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