Friday, 16 November 2012

Mish Mash of stuff

At the CB, we are going to start an auction for our friend Jeanne who is always taking in kittens etc. to foster and then helps to find them homes. She just recently took in some kittens and their Mom for Chrystal over at The calico kittens and their Mom . There is a great picture of them there. 

We mainly need items donated to the auction for now. We are going to start the auction on Monday, November 19th. To donate items, please send Marg an email at with a picture, a short description, and a starting bid.
Hi there. Tees and Bees here doing our tail thing. The Person tried to get all three of us doing their tails but we wouldn't cooperate. 

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday.

Please don't forget about the fundraiser for the animals that were in Hurricane Sandy. They have collected 1100 green papers so far so they don't have far to reach their goal of $1500.00. The link to the original post with the names of the shelters etc is here 
Link to post about fundraiser.  That will give you the link to the donation place too. Thanks to everyone that has already donated.

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