Friday, 28 June 2013

Flashback Friday

Hi there, I am Angel Squeaky. I originated in a dumpster in Charleston, S.C.  Our Person lost a very nice orange kitty, so a good friend of hers  who found Squeaky in the dumpster gave her to our Mom. Squeaky was a very feral kitty and did not meow, but squeaked, hence the name. I hid under the bed for many many moons and hardly came out at all. 
We had an attic in the house that we lived in in Charleston so I spent a lot of time up there but I soon got to be friends with the Mom. And used to sleep with her all the time especially after we moved to Anderson. I stayed inside all the time but escaped once or twice by mistake but was so glad to get back inside. I was very shy.
We are sending tons of purrs and prayer to our friend Thunder who is very sick. You can find the story HERE


Today is the last day for the auction, so you had better get your bids in. It will end tonight at midnight. Auction
Please have a grand day.

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