Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wordy Wednesday, Purrs needed

Hi there Mew Mew here and I had to go to that vet place yesterday. I am very sick. I had a temp of 104 and a stuffy nose and was sneezing  a little bit. The Person found me in the morning and could tell how sick I was because my third eyelid had come up. So that silly lady put a huge jacket on and some gloves, got the carrier and I felt so bad, I let her put me into that darn thing. I can be a little feisty and I guess she didn't want bloody arms.
So I sang all the way to the vet and then I was a good girl while I was there at that place. I had to be stuck 3 times and all kinds of other bad stuff. I have an upper respiratory infection. So that Person brings me home and shuts me in the bathroom. Now for revenge, I kept her up all night crying and crying and crying. You see I am used to staying outside. This morning I escaped since she is not as fast as she used to be getting out the door, I am under the bed in the bedroom and will not come out. 

Now, the Person has a question, what can she use to disinfect the whole bedroom and now the bedroom??? We just don't want everyone sick again.

Don't forget to check out the AUCTION   There are lots of new things on there and there will be some more new things this morning.
Have a great day.

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