Friday, 14 June 2013

Flashback Friday

This was our BB girl. She was one of our Person's favorite kitties, not that we aren't all her favorites. BB was one of the original cats that moved in here. She and her brother moved in together and his name was Little Bit or Bitsy. BB's name started with Big Bit which was silly, so we settled with BB. Like all cats, BB went through a lot while she lived here.
This is BB on the bed with Little Bit and I think that is Holly in the background who I am pretty sure is BB, Bitsy and Girl Kitty's Mom. We will do a story about her too. After BB and her brother moved in, it took me abou4 months to get them where I could touch them and also get them into a carrier so they could be neutered and spayed.  BB has a neat story about getting spayed. I explained why her name was BB. But when I went to pick her up after her spaying, the vet said to me, that they had taken a BB out of her tummy region and they hoped that I didn't mind. Of course I didn't mind at all. Guess the neighbor shot her with a BB gun trying to get her to leave.

The Person thinks she may do lots of stories about the cats here on Fridays. It is kind of fun to remember the old days.
So, all you kitties, doggies and peeps have a great day.

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