Saturday, 22 June 2013

Saturday Sadness

Hi there, Smoke here. I am doing something weird right now and it is hard to explain. Donkey and horses have hooves and they are kind of like your finger nails. So when we eat to much something happens to make the blood rush to our hoofs where a lot of pressure builds up and makes the bone inside our hoof rotate and put a lot of pressure on the sole of our hoof. All this process is called foundering. It has other names too. 

Anyway, the really sad part is that the cause of this happening to me is that we have had a lot of rain here and so our grass is very very rich and that is why I am having this problem. I have been in a lot of pain and lie down a lot. I have to take lots of medicine and the really bad part is that I cannot go back outside in the pasture until next November. There is not a cure for this, just have to control it somehow.
Hi there Joe, here and would like to know why I have to be shut up too. My hooves are just dandy. But I guess I have to keep my friend Smoke company. Guess I will get my skinny figure back now but this is just NOT any fun. Smoke can barely walk much less play with me. Hopefully his little hooves will feel better as soon as we get the special pain killing medicine for him.  Don't  you love me modeling my belly??
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We so hope everyone has a fantastic week end.

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