Saturday, 29 June 2013

Saturday with BG and Bunny

Hi there folks, BG here and I am one really nice black Girl. I love to eat (well who doesn't) and I love for the Person to give me some scritches. I especially like it under my chin.
Pardon me while I tell the person in a very loud meow, that just maybe it is time to eat again. Actually everyone here tells me I am just a little chubby. But they are wrong. It is just because I have short little legs etc. Not my fault.
Ok folks, here I am back again. Flea bunny here and just look what happened to me. They took all my furs away. It is cooler but I am just a little bit embarrassed. I have no idea where my face is. Listen, Flea Bunny's human Mom has to have some stuff done to her knee on Monday and she could sure use some purrs etc. You can just leave them here, she doesn't have a blog.
Have a fantastic day, please.

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