Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tuxedo Tues. and a new Friend

Hi there, Two Two here just in case you didn't recognize me. Don't you think this dress is very pretty with it's nice ;pink bow and everything. The funny part of this is that the Person put this on me just for fun and then ran to get the camera and when she turned around, there I was all naked. 
So I followed her back into the bedroom and she put the dress back on me and I really kind of liked it. It was fun, I guess since I was getting some good attention. Guess that means we will be doing this again sometime.
So we have a new friend that is not really living here but belongs to the sister of a good friend of our Person. And we just wanted everyone to meet him. 
Hi there, Flea bunny here. Aren't I just too cute.I do like to watch TV and sit in my Mom's lap.Our Person loves bunnies and just have never had one of our own so we are welcoming Flea into our family.We will be putting our new rabbit friend on here every now and then.
Don't forget, that the auction for Laura and Marigold's vet bills has started. So be sure to check it out. Auction
Have a great day.

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