Friday, 21 June 2013

Flashback Friday

Hi there, Ande here on the left as a tiny puppy and that is BB asking just exactly who I am. This was taken 11years ago since Ande just turned 11 years old.
Hi there, my name is Little Bit or better known as Bitsy and as we said last Friday, I was BB's brother. I was such a nice kitty and I took my job very seriously of looking after my sister BB. BB and I after we got to trusting the Person here, would sit with her on a trunk in the barn, one and each side and we would have the best long talks.
Bitsy here again. I got into a lot of fights unfortunately and I guess that was to keep everyone away from BB. There were many times that I would show up with some really big abscesses. So I had to go the vet quite a bit. Then one day I didn't come home from my travels and both the Person and BB waited and waited and I just never made it home. I was well loved so I had a good life while I was here.

Sorry about these pictures but they were taken with a regular camera and scanned. This was all way before blogging for us started. BB's story will continue next Friday.
Don't forget to check on the Auction . There are lots of items that don't have bids.
Have a really fun day.

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