Saturday, 12 January 2013

A nice picnic lunch

Hi there, Khaki here on the left, Splitters in the middle and Mew Mew on the right making sure no one is going to take her spot. We are having such a nice lunch here. Yummy food.
Just a little different view of the three of us. Sometimes there are four of us here but Orange Boyzo wasn't here at the moment.The donkeys are probably inside having their lunch.
We would all like to say some mighty big thank you for all the wonderful purrs and prayers for our Ande. She is most appreciative. The support in this blogging world is just totally awesome. It made our silly Mom shed a few tears.She is just goofy. 
Ande's surgery is on Tuesday. She has to be at the clinic at 7:30  in the morning and then should be able to come home that afternoon.
Now, we want everyone to have a terrific week end.

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