Friday, 11 January 2013

Kind of sad news

Hi there, Ande here on the left and Tabatha on the right. Ande is our best friend around here and we all love her very much. Our Person found a lump on her hind leg and Ande had to go to the vet yesterday. The vet is sure it is cancer, so she has to have surgery to remove it. We are hoping it isn't attached to anything. It is a very hard lump. So we have to make an appointment to get this done probably next week. 
Ande is such a good girl and shares her bed with one or more of us cats.  The Person is a wreck at the moment but we will get her calmed down, never fear. Ande has taken such good care of the Person since Jasmine had to leave. So we just cannot lose her but we just know that isn't going to happen. The vet feels like the lump is not attached to anything and he can get it all out.  

We have put a Chip-in up which the Mom really hates to do, but we need a little help with the green papers for the surgery.
As usual, we all hope you have a fantastic Friday.  

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