Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mr. Pip And Puddles come to visit

Here they come. Oh my gosh, they almost ran over Smoke. Or are they racing Smoke? Who can tell with Puddle's driving. Hold tight Pip. Oh we are all so excited that they are here.
We just wanted everyone to see us with the donkeys.They really are nice donkeys and so far haven't chased us. They usually do chase dogs but I think our driving scared them a little bit.
Smoke is so exhausted, he had to take a little nap. Maybe we will join him. Then it will be time for  a snack.
Mom, there they are and they aren't chasing us. Looks like they brought their own snacks. Wonder if they will let us have some beer. That would be great fun. That sure was nice of them to bring their own snacks.

We sure did enjoy have Pip and Puddles visit us. Smoke did finally get Puddles under control and gave her a lecture about her driving. 
Pip, we sure do send you tons of purrs and some mighty big hee haws too. Drive carefully to your next destination. 
We want to thank the doggies and kitties over at Alasandra's doggies and kitties   for their help with our pictures.

Don't forget to check out the auction for that cute doggie, Sallie.
We are wishing everyone a mighty fine Wednesday. 

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