Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ande is home and thanks for all the purrs

Hi there Ande here with Mahoney before my surgery. I just wanted to thank everyone's many nice purrs. We know it worked because  I am all right. A little sore but all right.

This is my incision. Hope we didn't gross anyone out. It is much bigger than the Person thought it was going to be.But the good news is that the lump wasn't attached to anything so that is terrific. They did send the lump off since it was not a cyst. We won't hear the results for 4 or 5 days. 
I had a little benign growth on my nose, so they took that off too. So I am a mess. Anyway, again, both the Person and I sure do thank everyone for all the nice purrs and prayers.
The person is trying to get an auction started for the cute doggie, Sallie. Ann was going to send out emails but her computer broke. Anyway, we would like to start the auction on this coming Monday and we need items to auction if anyone has anything around their house. we sure would appreciate it. 
Sallie went the vet and it was discovered she had diabetes so she had to have some very expensive treatments and now she is blind but she is home.You can read about all this here. Sallie
To give us a item to auction, just send Marg ( an email with a picture, a short description and a starting bid. 
We sure hope all you good kitties and doggies and peeps have a great day.

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