Thursday, 24 January 2013

We sort of have a new sister

Hi there, my name is Tutu and I live in Malaysia.Our blog is Whisspy I am a really long ways from my Godmamma. But I did sort of want to meet Two Two. It seems that we are a lot alike in that we love to get into trouble. As you can see I am a Tortie and Two Two is a Tuxie. 
Hi there Tutu, we are all so excited to get to meet you. We heard that our person is your Godmomma. We will sure get her to send you some treats or something. We need to find out about the customs.
I keep hoping  something is in there. Maybe Tutu can find something in there.
Hi there all you cats. I am your new God sister and I am proud of it. Two Two and I are off to see what kind of trouble we can get into. We will take Mahoney with us.  Anyone want to go with us??
Be sure to check out the auction. There are more new items.
Hope everyone has a terrific Thursday

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