Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tuxie exercises

Two Two here and every morning I do my exercises on the little cat tree. Sometimes I even fall off as an encore but so far the woman hasn't caught that on film. It is not far to fall so I don't get hurt. This is my exercise to strengthen my hind legs.
Now I am exercising my neck and shoulders and also checking to see if there is anything exciting in the tunnel. Looks like it is empty at the moment. You just never know.

Ok, I did my neck stretch down, so now I am practicing my cute look. That is so important too. And it always makes the Person smile and she needs to smile this morning since it is Ande's day to go have her surgery done. 
So please cross those paws of yours for that Ande girl.
We also want to ask everyone for purrs and prayers for our friend Cat Cats Cats.  She is having major surgery tomorrow. Thanks
Also our very bestest friend Lucy over at Lucy and Hannah  since Lucy has had to have two surgeries on her mouth and she has to go back to the vet today for another check up and now needs to have shots. So please send her some mighty purrs. Thanks
Now we hope everyone has a great day. We will update on Ande.
Ande just got home and is floating on some good drugs . The incision is pretty big. We will have pictures etc. tomorrow. But so far she is all right.  


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