Thursday, 10 January 2013

Pressies that we won.

Two Two here, and oh my COD Mom, look at all those treats. I am going to get that bag of cat nip open. We won these toys because we helped a tiny little bit with our friend Mayzie, Brudder Ranger and Smudge's fundraiser that they had for all the shelters and rescues that were in that horrible Hurricane Sandy. They raised $1500.00 so that was very exciting.
See I told you I was going to get it open. I am ripping it all apart. 
Anyway they gave away some pressies to all that helped with the fundraiser, so we got lucky and got one of them.

Mahoney and Maggie are observing Two Two's destruction of the cat nip. Mahoney to Maggie, "what is wrong with that Two Two. I would much rather get into these treats. The heck with the cat nip. She is just cuckoo."

We sure hope all of you have a terrific Thursday.

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