Sunday, 24 March 2013

Easy like Sunday

Hi there, Missy here. I have this new small kind of tower that is very comfy to take naps upon. It is pouring rain here, so a good day to sleep all day.
Hi there, Orange Boyzo and Mewmew here. We like to take it easy out here in the nice dirt. This is the favorite dirt rolling place on the whole farm. We are sort of friends too. Poor Boyzo doesn't have many friends.
Update on Splitters
The Person thinks that Splitters is a little better. She ate some good food this morning. She is still sneezing though.Guess it is going to take her a long long time to get all well. 
Just a reminder that the auction for ML and KC will officially start Monday, March 25th. There will probably be some things up this afternoon.ML auction     
Wishing everyone a really nice Sunday.

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