Saturday, 23 March 2013

Silly Saturday

Hi there, Tabatha here and my favorite thing to do is to get on the roof. The only problem is that I have a problem getting down. So here I am trying to get down. That tiny little board where my front feet are is really tiny. And then I have to turn around on it to get going the correct direction.
So, I got turned around very carefully. Now all I need to do is get down on that banister. 
I made it.Here I am Mom. And just look at that Orange Boyzo watching me. He doesn't go up on the roof but he feels like he has to snoopervise me But it is a lot of fun up there. You can watch the world go around. 
Split update
She is not a whole lot better but she isn't any worse. Her eyes are running like faucets and she is still a little congested and she will not eat anything but canned chicken. I have tried every flavor of cat food and tried to mix it in with the chicken. So I am going the nebulize her a lot today.
We sure are wishing everyone a super Saturday. 

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