Friday, 8 March 2013

Feral Momma Friday

Hi there, Momma kitty on the left and she is chatting with Bees and Ohs who is wondering where in the world the food is. Momma kitty is always telling us what to do. 
Now listen you two boys, first of all where is that brother Tees of yours?? You say you don't know?? I want you two to remember to be kind to everyone and no fighting. And also no stealing of MY food. I won't try to wash your faces any more but I am still in charge. 

Our good friends over at Zoolatry got Zoogled by Google. Ann sends out many many emails to all of us all about the animals that have gone to the bridge and any activities going on. Well Google shut down that email yesterday. So Ann needs you to write her an email saying that you would like to receive these emails. 
Zoolatry's email is Email.  Thanks
Let's all have a really good Friday.

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