Monday, 4 March 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi there, Bees and Ohs here showing off our fannies. Now that looks like I (Bees) have my arm around Ohs, but I believe it is my tail. We are the ones that love to wind our tails around each other.
And here are Bees and Tees doing their tail twisty thing. Those legs you see at the top belong to our Mom. She is always bossing us around. Now if that Person of ours would just put the darn camera away and get out the food, then everything would be all right.
They are having the raffle to help with the adoption of Snoopy and there are two terrific items being raffled. Go HERE   to find out more details. It is only $2.00 per ticket.
Update on Mahoney,  
She seems to be better, not sneezing as much and eating better and not so depressed. She felt terrible yesterday. It must have been a virus and just had to run it's course.
Everyone have a fine Monday.  

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