Friday, 29 March 2013

Formerly Feral Friday

Hi there, Bees here in front with my brother behind me. We have come such a long ways. We used to stay all the way over in the far barn but now we are getting comfy on the porch. We like having all this comfort and we sure are closer to the food supply.
We get all the old furniture out here and we just don't care what it looks like. It is so nice to have a blankie and a chair and a sofa.So we are happy.

So, we have two more sick cats. Tabatha and Mister. Mom is a little worried about Mister being sick since he is older.
Also Splitter's eyes are no better and may be a little worse. Guess we will be going back to the vet. Is it all right if the Person pulls all her hair out??
Lots more new items on the auction and a couple more will be added today. AUCTION   
We sure are wishing everyone a really nice Friday.

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