Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thankful Thursday

Mahoney is so thankful for her food, that she says grace before she eats. She eats in the cat tree since she gets very special foods and we don't want anyone stealing it from her. 
Ok, Mom now bring the food. I am starving. I seem to have digestion problems so I get a little medicines in my food and thanks to a good friend, I am eating some grain free canned food. 
That nice Simba and Audrey  gave us a very pretty award. We sure do thank them so much. It is the Blooming Brilliant Blog award. We are supposed to make a brilliant statement, and the only thing we want to be brilliant about is to find a way to get more cats and dogs homes that are in the shelters and also find a way to get more info out to the general public about spaying and neutering their animals.
We sure are wishing everyone a terrific Thursday.


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