Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sort of Tabby Tuesday

Hi there, Orange Boyzo here. Wow twice in one week I get to be on the blog. But we want to thank you so much for all your kind thoughts about my problem with those two girls. I do all right outside and will be lots better once it really warms up.
I do have a good friend, my buddy, Ande. This is an older picture but I just love this doggie. I am cleaning her face. right now. That is one reason I like to come in the house, so I can snuggle with Ande. But when the weather gets better, Ande and the Mom will spend more time outside. 
 Splitters is much better. She is eating really well. We are going back to the vet this morning because she is having some trouble with her eyes. Also we have to figure out what to do about her teeth.
Don't forget to check out the auction. Got a bunch of more items to put on there after I get back from the vet. AUCTION
Now, we would like all kitties and peeps and doggies to have a great day.

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