Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tabby Tuesday

Hi there. Mahoney here just stretching my body to get ready for a good nap. I do love to stretch our the paws and get them ready for a good sleep.

Update on Splitters. The Person had to take her to the emergency vet this morning at One AM. Splitters  was spitting up blood and couldn't get any rest from sneezing so much. She had to stay there. She will call this morning sometime and give updates. 
So the Person may not get to visit everyone today.
Second update on Splitters. Just talked to the vet and she is still very stressed out from her head being congested. They are trying some treatments and I have to call back later this afternoon.
Third Update -- I just talked to the vet clinic and Splitters is not any better. But they want to keep trying for another 24 hours so that is what we will do. Thanks so much for all your purrs and prayers.

We just heard the horrible sad news about Eric going to the bridge. That is just so sad. Eric and Flynn 

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