Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday Blues

Hi there, Splitters here. Would you believe that I had to go to the emergency room last night. We seem to have an upper respiratory infection going through all of us kitties here,which makes us sneeze and have sore throats. Well I got to the point I couldn't breathe.  I also have a bad case of stomatitis and so I take some Prednisone which means my immune system isn't the greatest. Stomatitis is a disease of the gums which also means at some point I need to have all me teeth pulled. We just haven't been able to do it. At the moment, I just need to get over this respiratory deal.
Hi there Gertrude here and this is how we hold our mouths open to breathe since our noses are all stuffed up. I am very sick too but I feel a tiny bit better today. I have had this darn thing for longer than my sister Splitters. She really feels terrible even after the antibiotics and nose drops. This is not fun. We will keep you updated.
Also, our good friend Eric across the pond has had a set back and he too had to go to the vet. So please send him some purrs and prayers. He is such a good boy. You can find him HERE  
Have a fantastic day. 

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