Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Orange tabby Tuesday

Hi there, Little Bit here. I had a little excitement over the week end. Mom opened the door to the outside world since she was coming in the house and I just walked out. She watched me go by her and then realized that it was me. Well she lost it. She spent an hour trying to lure me back into the house. I do not allow anyone to pick me up.
I am getting all cleaned up after my adventure outside. So the Person tried everything. She brought tuna out and I had a little bite of that and then went off again but not far. I had such a good time outside. I must have rolled in the dirt 75 times or more. Then I ran around to the back of the house. At that time the person just went in the house and left me. Yikes.
I really wanted to come back in the house by this time and Mom was getting a little up tight. So she got a squirt bottle and opened the back door and used the squirt bottle to keep all the other cats inside that were supposed to be inside and it worked. I overcame my nervousness and went through the door. I cannot be outside because of being hit by a car about two years ago and had to have part of my hip bone removed so I cannot run like all the other cats.
We sure hope all kitties and peeps have a terrific Tuesday today.

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